So, there are three roles in a Scrum Team:

  • The Product Owner – the business-oriented person who owns the Product Backlog and sorts the items to maximize the business value.
  • The Scrum Master – the Scrum expert who trains, coaches, and removes impediments.
  • The Development Team – all experts required in the project.



The Development Team should have two important characteristics:

  • cross-functional: means that they should have all the expertise required to create the product without being dependent on the external people.
  • self-organized: means that they find their own way instead of receiving orders. Of course, they have higher responsibilities because of this.

It’s not allowed to define other roles, or even titles. For example, we don’t have a “tester” in the team. There’s one (or more) developers in the team expert in testing, but they are still called developers. It is so, because we want everyone to help each other and be focused on the output, rather than expert activities.
We don’t have team leaders too. Because in that case, other developers will feel less responsible. Please note that the Scrum Master should not act like a team leader too; they only help and support.

So, what about project manager?