If developers start voting one by one, the first votes will anchor the rest. It reduces the quality of the estimates.

To avoid this cognitive bias, we usually use planning poker. Each person has a number of cards with numbers on them. Each person picks a card based on her/his opinion and keeps it face down. When everyone is ready, cards are shown.


Then we will check the values. If, for example, someone believes that the item is 2sp, while someone else believes in 20sp, we can be sure that at least one of them has not understood the item correctly. So, we discuss it again, and vote again.

When votes are in the same range, we calculate an average and that would be the estimated amount of work for the Product Backlog item.

Alright, there are lots of things we should consider in Scrum, isn’t it so? Can we expect the Product Owner and the Development Team to be expert enough to do everything right? What if they miss something?

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Source: https://mplaza.pm